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September 17, 2012

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“Some people think that the spirit is within the body.  This is a mistake.  It is the body that is within the spirit”
– George Ohsawa

I prefer to view “enlightenment” not as an “awakening” (to a supposed higher state of awareness or consciousness) but, instead, as a “remembering” of simply who or what we are.  We only momentarily forgot this because we have been so amused, enamored, and engrossed by all the wonderful distractions that this world and life has to offer.

Shakespeare once wrote that “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are players in it” and so we don our costumes and assume our roles as marvelously entertaining characters to play to the delight of ourselves and our audiences.  We become so deeply engaged and absorbed in our roles that we believe ourselves to actually be the characters that we play.

Our characters are the heroes and heroines who stand up for justice, fight for righteous causes and are willing live and die for love.  They are also the victims, the oppressed, the down-trodden and unloved.  They enjoy the thrill of grand adventures and delight in the smallest of pleasures.  They are fearful and jealous of others and are greedy and petty. They are joyful and sad, wise and foolish and they make love, fight courageously and commit cowardly acts as well.  They take on the various beliefs and causes of ethics, religion, politics and self-worth.  And in the seriousness of our role playing we forget who we are and that we are only acting those characters.

We forget who we truly are and in our forgetfulness we suffer. We become miserable, we harm others and we cause our own demise. In final frustration, we ask ourselves those age old questions, “Why?” and “What is the purpose of life?”  and in our seeking, if we are desperate enough, we give-up our worldly possessions (our stage props) and discard our beliefs (our costumes and uniforms) and do our best to remove our distractions ( the dialogues and stage directions) so that the answer to our questions (like “Who am I?”) may hopefully be revealed to us.

We live in poverty, climb tall mountains, sit for years in meditation and seek out the counsel of wise men and women whom appear to know the answer and those of us who are left; the select few; the elite and anointed might eventually find the answer.

And yet we don’t need to do this. We don’t need to take a vow of poverty; we don’t need to climb the Himalayan Mountains and we certainly don’t need to sit for ten years in earnest meditation under a waterfall to become enlightened and achieve a higher state of awareness. We might do these things for the thrill of it but it is not necessary because we’ve known the answer all along. We just simply forgot and only need to remember.  We don’t need to be “awakened”.

We only need remember that we are not the roles and characters that we play.  We are not our ethics, our beliefs, nor our convictions.  We are not our politics, our religions nor even our different biological manifestations.  We only need remember that who we are lies beyond the limitations of language, of biology and all other forms of self-identification. We only need remember that our ultimate purpose is that we came here to play; we came here to take on our lives, roles and characterizations that we may enjoy everything that this world and life has to offer. We only need to also remember to not take our roles too seriously as they are not who we really are.  In other words, we only need to remember to “lighten up” (or to be “enlightened”).

Enlightenment is not an “awakening” into a higher consciousness that only a select few can attain.  It is simply a recalling of that which we all know but simply forgot and which we all can regain.  It is simply remembering who (or what) we were and have always been and will always be.  All you have to do is remember.  You know.

In closing, I invite you to take this moment now and remember who you are.  Do not take life so seriously. In other words, be enlightened.


April 3, 2012

Announcement from Garry Davis:

Greetings World Citizens,

I will be hosting a radio show with Global Talk Alliance starting April 12 from 9 to 11 pm (est) called THE WORLD CITIZEN SHOW WITH GARRY DAVIS. I will talk about the history of world citizenship, how it is relevant in today’s interdependent world to eliminate the illegitimacy and insanity of wars which became global in 1914; about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how it is THE mandate for world peace, why world law is essential to outlaw war; why nuclear weaponry is ILLEGAL and those proposing it are “enemies of humanity”, and HOW you can claim TO BE A WORLD CITIZEN NOW AS YOUR LEGITIMATE HUMAN RIGHT! Also how to obtain a World Passport, World Birth Certificate, World Marriage Certificate, World ID Card, etc. AS LEGITIMATE DOCUMENT sanctioned by articles in the UDHR. And much more. Also you can “chat” back to me with questions, comments, experiences, etc. Please listen in. We’re all on this magnificent “world stage.” After all, IT’S ONE WORLD HERE AND NOW!

Garry Davis

“Shall We Put an End to the Human Race or Shall Mankind Renounce War?” (Bertrand Russell) – Julian Rose

March 19, 2012

This post was written by contributing guest writer and organic agriculture pioneer and advocate, Sir Julian Rose.

Looming up in front of us like some ghoulish malevolent giant, is the prospect of mankind having to endure the devastation of a ‘Third World War’. An event, should it come to pass, which would pit brother against brother, sister against sister, ‘faith’ against ‘faith’, ideology against ideology, nation against nation and all of it together against the continuation of life on Earth.

The forces covertly operating to bring this Third World War about will not be in the direct line of fire, but a long way off, comfortably ensconced in leather chairs in the plush offices of high ranking officialdom. They made their plans many years ago and the Third World War is a keystone in bringing these plans to fruition.

These individuals come from Countries well practiced in historical and modern empire building and share a ‘special relationship’ whose vision of the future excludes the great majority of us completely. We do not feature on the planet they see ahead of them, accept as slaves to whatever activities they may wish to pursue. To them, we are essentially ‘dispensable’.

Those who would perpetrate this plan have already prepared their underground bases to survive the destruction they propose to unleash on this world. We will not be invited to join them there either, except a few carefully chosen minions to manage the technologies that keep this underworld functioning and those who serve their daily needs. It is a very exclusive ‘club’.

The master plan involves certain nations being sacrificed to the cause. Those nations will have their populations wiped off the map and most of their history with them. The fact that they are nations situated in key geographical areas that hold extraordinary historical records of great importance to an evolving humanity – is not coincidental. The timing of this Third World War is not incidental either. Its perpetrators have long since noted the approaching changes at the universal macro-cosmic level which will directly affect Earth. They have noted that energies associated with these changes might work against them, especially if humanity were to embrace them unhindered.

So they set their clocks to ensure that this particular alarm will go off at a time designed to obscure the relevance of the simultaneously unfolding macro-cosmic event. And to draw the attention of mankind away from that which aids the evolution of its consciousness – and towards that which ensures its further victimization.

We are, according to the manipulators of this scenario, not supposed to know that we have a choice. We are not, of course, supposed to ever recognize what their game is, or what our real potentials are. We are not supposed to know that we have the power to stop this Third World War from ever happening.

The procedures which have been put into effect to ensure that humankind remains in a state of non awareness are many and varied. Many, which are quite deadly underneath, look innocuous enough on the surface and remain accepted by the majority as necessary aspects of the standard routines of daily life. Others are less easily received and even resisted; but few amongst us comprehend the fact that they all belong to one underlying plan of repression, control and domination.

The financial and material resources employed to keep the lid on humanity’s awakening depend entirely upon the unconscious majority fulfilling their role as unstinting providers. Providers of both the energy and the money to keep in place all the elements of the control system. The 2012 London Olympic games are to provide a perfect smoke screen for the further imposition of this control system. There are to be some 35,000 police and troops on hand to impose ‘lock down London’ and the lock down will not be relinquished when the event is over. It has its complementarity in the heart of Europe where plans for a totalitarian superstate are nearing completion. And since bankers and ‘security agents’ feature strongly in the mix which constitutes ‘the club’ standing behind these impositions, it is not too difficult to guess where the ‘missing billions’ of recent banking scandals ultimately lands up.

In summary: unless we take conscious action to withdraw our support from the system, the Third World War will be sponsored by we the people, freely and at times grudgingly, donating our energy, our money and even our brain power to our own self destruction. That is – so long as we continue our refusal of consciousness and avoid seeing what is staring us in the eye almost every day of our lives. And that state of refusal, of course, is exactly what ‘the club’ wants maintained.

As the ‘occupy movement’ has discerned: it is the 1% who hold power over the 99% and in all other circumstances 99% would certainly hold the whip hand over 1%. But while the majority of the 99% remain dumbed down, docile and divided, they remain easy prey to the 1%. In a state of semi-sleep most can be hypnotically induced to accept the political lies and distortions that contrive to place in our minds an unimpeded acceptance of the ‘inevitability’ of a Third World War. A war which would constitute a big step down the road to the end of the human race.

Seven Steps to Defeat the Matrix and End War:

Now please take a deep breath. This is no idle threat dreamed up by an amateur prophet; it is a reality and one which is being revealed by more and more awaking individuals daily. We are getting a handle on the great lie being perpetrated against humanity and we have had enough. We are going to put an end to it. It is perfectly possible for us to make sure the Third World War never happens.

The fist step in doing so involves breaking the spell that ‘the club’ employs the mass media to hold us under. Just on the other side of the television set and the Sunday newspaper lies the road that leads to the end of war and the beginning of freedom … if we want to take it. But ‘freedom’ is not achievable without an effort; a real effort. Neither is freedom simply the removal of a state of oppression. It is a direct and determined statement of intent to put in place a better world and to take the actions that give expression to this intent: physically, mentally and spiritually.

The second step is to use this intent to challenge, unmask and expose corrupted authority by refusing to go along with its life inhibiting demands and revealing its ideology to be fundamentally false. The accompanying action to this involves withdrawing support for the military industrial complex which is the foundation of the war machine. This means taking pragmatic, practical steps. Start by taking your money out of the mainstream banking system and putting it into ethically oriented banks that do not support the weapons industry and the war machine, but do support benign enterprises and human scale creative initiatives.

The third step is to trace how the arteries of war are spread throughout the veins of our consumer society. How everyday acts of aggression, suppression and control are the elements that fuel corporate domination in today’s globalized market place.

How to-days (and yesterdays) education system encourages all the wrong instincts in young minds: the urge to be ‘competitive’, ‘successful’ and to achieve the exclusivity of status which guarantees the top positions and highest salaries in the matrix.

How deliberate human, animal and ecological exploitation are rife within the supermarket dominated food chain.

How the same deliberate exploitation is equally rife within the money system, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, the housing market, the political and legal system, the family, marriage and in the church.

Join the dots and see how the same underlying ‘war’ symptoms are at large in all these and more.

The fourth step is to seek out others who are also endeavoring to bring about positive change. Keep company with such individuals; mutual support, cooperation and encouragement is crucial in overcoming the war state which relies on divisions and incrimination to keep society weakened, fractious and self absorbed.

The fifth step involves moving out of the city and into the country. That’s a big one isn’t it. However the only alternative is to be part of a major greening of the city and this may not be possible to achieve within the short time span available to us. The need is to transition away from the crass consumerist ‘supermarket syndrome’ and establish links with local food and farming operations that can provide fresh and nutritious foods grown in the proximity of your home. It also means starting to grow your own chemical free food, saving water and introducing renewable energy systems to heat your home and to cook with. Reasserting authority over your home is an excellent starting point from which wider fields of resistance can grow.

Step six is about re educating yourself. Re educating yourself to be able to recognize the behavior patterns and appearances of oppressors, posers and infiltrators, for they are many and often move with great guile and cunning. Once one is true to ones self, one can spot those who disguise their intentions behind falsehood and flattery. The process of re-education also involves dedicating serious time to researching and exploring the phenomena which stand behind events often portrayed by the mainstream media as the precise opposite of what they really are.

Step seven: grow your own spiritual and creative powers! This is a very personal process because there are many different pathways leading to creative and spiritual awakening. Each individual needs to find his or her own right of passage and feel comfortable with it. However, a prerequisite for becoming a conscious human being is the recognition that this state is not something external to ourselves which we try to draw down; rather it is a force which lies dormant within us and simply needs awakening. Much of the process of this awakening involves shedding the protective layers
we have built around ourselves as a form of extra persona, deemed necessary to get along in this distorted modern world. Beneath the mask of this persona lies a great wealth of creative spiritual potential just longing to be allowed to shine forth.

This potential is the quality most feared by our oppressors. This is because it has the power to render their control system and war agenda completely powerless. It is the one force capable of freeing humanity from the state of funk which holds millions in hypnotic captivity to a consumerist indoctrination which lies at the heart of our present society’s ills.

In order to renounce war we have to do far more than just come out onto the streets waving anti war placards. We have to vibrate with an unswerving passion to defend Life to the very end. Once so empowered, nothing can stand in the way of a process of planetary transformation which will cut the arteries of war off at their base and render those who stand behind its grotesque atrocities, powerless to pursue their dark agendas.

JR March 2012

Addendum: I would like to state that I would not be making any of the above recommendations if I had not already put them into effect in my own life and drawn great benefit thereby.

From the Dialectical Notebook: Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s “Ten Commandments Of Dialectical Thinking”

March 10, 2012

Heraclitus, depicted in Raphael's painting, "The School of Athens", argued against Plato's "Forms" that "everything flows" or "Panta Rhei".

Most consider Macrobiotic Philosophy to be based on the ancient oriental teachings of yin and yang as introduced by George Ohsawa and his followers, including my parents, Michio and Aveline Kushi.  Yet due to the esoteric and exotic nature of the yin/yang ideology many dismiss the whole of the philosophy and eventually relegate macrobiotics as a rigid diet that may be helpful yet may also be deficient.  Lost in this dismissal is the understanding that macrobiotics and its biological application is but a gateway to an understanding of life and the universe that is far grander in scope that is not only oriental in roots but is common to all of humanity in origin and any who seek and explore the very nature of life and reality.

The attractiveness of foreign terminologies such as “yin” and “yang” tends to result in, at one end of a spectrum, an eventual confusion, rejection and reversion back to familiar “scientific” tenets (e.g. modern nutrition) or, at the other end, a fanatical righteousness that seems to ignore basic common-sense. Yet any who perseveres in a deeper philosophical inquiry of the uncensored life without settling for lesser conclusions will find rich treasures of knowledge and understanding of the ancients from both Eastern and Western origins and from which Ohsawa, a well-read man of Western philosophy, derived his original “Unifying Principle”  (unification of East and West ideas) upon which he based his definition that “Macrobiotics is the biological application of the dialectical conception of the universe.” in his book, “Zen Macrobiotics.”  (For a listing of the Principles and Theorems of the Unifying Principle See: )

Edmond Boudreaux Szekely

A case in point that macrobiotics is not solely oriental in origin is Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and his work on dialectics.  On the inside front flap of his book, “The Dialectical Method Of Thinking” is a simple introduction to the dialectical philosophy of macrobiotics, not from ancient oriental works but from occidental sources.  The inside cover lists “Ten Commandments Of Dialectical Thinking” taken from a variety of Western philosophers which reads very much like anything Ohsawa wrote.  These “Ten Commandments” are as follows:

  1. “The dialectical method is the basis of all sciences, it is their universal frame.” – Engels
  2. “Everything is in motion.  There is no fixed point in the Universe.” – Heraclitus
  3. “Everything comes out of the battle of two opposite forces.” – Heraclitus
  4. “We can understand a phenomena only if we examine its origin and genealogy.” – Engels
  5. “We must examine everything in the totality, and nothing separately as a part.” – Engels
  6. “All phenomena are correlative.  They not only depend on others, but each reciprocally completes the other; opposites complete opposites, and they are indivisible and unimaginable without each other.  The whole structure of the Universe is correlative” – Essene Teaching  “Dialectics is the science of motion and evolution of nature, society and thought.” – Engels
  7. “Every existing thing has a foundation and super-structure; the foundation determines and the super-structure influences.” – Engels
  8. “First appears primitive thesis, then the opposite, the antithesis, and finally their synthesis in a more perfect form.” – Hegel
  9. “Man is the measure of all things.” – Protagoras
  10. “Every phenomena, process and action has its best form, requiring the minimum of sacrifice for the maximum results.  The actual chaos can be cleared only by the all-sided (omnilateral) realization of the best (optimal) forms of life.” – Essene Teaching

Independent of Ohsawa yet using the same principles of dialectics, Szekely developed his own version of macrobiotics and founded the “International Biogenic Society” whose dietary and lifestyle values and ethics are similar to those of present day macrobiotics:

(source: Wikipedia )


The credo of the International Biogenic Society states the following:

  • We believe that our most precious possession is Life.
  • We believe we shall mobilize all the forces of Life against the forces of death.
  • We believe mutual understanding leads toward mutual cooperation; that mutual cooperation leads toward Peace; and that Peace is the only way of survival for mankind.
  • We believe that we shall preserve instead of waste our natural resources, which are the heritage of our children.
  • We believe that we shall avoid the pollution of our air, water and soil, the basic preconditions of life.
  • We believe that we shall preserve the vegetation of our planet: the humble grass which came 50 million years ago and the majestic trees which came 20 million years ago, to prepare our planet for mankind.
  • We believe that we shall eat only fresh, natural, pure, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing.
  • We believe that we shall lead a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge, in and around us.
  • We believe that the improvement of life and mankind on our planet must start with individual efforts, as the whole depends on the atoms composing it.

Biogenic living

Szekely classified foods into four categories, depending on their qualities and what they contributed to one’s health:

  • Biogenic: life renewing – germinated cereal seeds, nuts; sprouted baby greens.
  • Bioactive: life sustaining – organic, natural vegetables, fruit.
  • Biostatic: life slowing – cooked, stale foods (but legumes must be cooked after sprouting first).
  • Biocidic: life destroying – processed, irradiated foods and drinks.

The daily diet should consist of 25% biogenic foods, 50% bioactive foods, and 25% biostatic. No biocidic foods should be consumed.

Biogenic living also includes meditation, simple living, and respect for the earth in all its forms.

Szekely also went so far as to establish a retreat center in Baja California known as Rancho la Puerta which continues its operations today. (See: ):

As discovered by Ohsawa and Szekely, dialetics is the basis of many great philosophies and religions from ancient Greece to the Far East; from Heraclitus to Lao Tzu and from the Teachings of the Essenes to the I-Ching. It is the basis of understanding of all phenomena. Today, dialectics can be considered as the foundation of all “holistic” ideas from organic agriculture, renewable energy and whole local foods as well as chaos theory and quantum physics and any and all sciences concerned with the dynamic flow of things including climate science, political science, economics and, of course, macrobiology and its practical application known as “macrobiotics”.  Furthermore and in conclusion I believe that any serious inquiry into the nature of life and the universe from a dialectical foundation will eventually lead to macrobiotics – and this is a far cry from its popular misunderstood notion as a rigid restrictive diet.

“Seven Principles Of The Order Of The Universe” and “Twelve Theorems Of The Unifying Principle”

March 9, 2012

Published here for future reference are the tenets of the “Unifying Principle” , the philosophical basis of George Ohsawa’s  macrobiotics that were printed on the back page of every issue of the magazine “Order Of The Universe” and the Seminar Reports of my father, Michio Kushi, from 1966 through to the mid 1980s and can also be found in the “Book Of Macrobiotics” by Michio.


  1. All things are differentiations of One Infinity
  2. Everything Changes; nothing is stationary
  3. All antagonisms are complementary
  4. All phenomena are unique; there is nothing identical
  5. All phenomena have a front and back
  6. The greater the front, the greater the back
  7. All phenomena have a beginning and an end


  1. One infinity manifests itself into the two universal tendencies of Yin and Yang; complementary and antagonistic poles of endless change.
  2. Yin and Yang are arising continuously out of the ceaseless eternal movement of One Infinite Universe.
  3. Yin appears as centrifugalilty, Yang appears as centripetalilty.  The activities of Yin and Yang together create energy and all phenomena.
  4. Yin attracts Yang . Yang attracts Yin.
  5. Yin repels Yin.  Yang repels Yang.
  6. Yin and Yang combine in an infinite variety of proportion, creating an infinite variety of phenomena. The strength of attraction or repulsion always represents the degree of difference or similarity.
  7. All phenomena are relative and ephemeral, constantly changing their direction towards more Yin or more Yang.
  8. Nothing is solely Yin or absolutely Yang. Everything is created by both tendencies together.
  9. There is no neutrality;  either Yin or Yang is always dominating.
  10. Great Yin attracts small Yin.  Great Yang attracts small yang.
  11. Yin, at the extreme point, changes into Yang.  Yang, at the extreme point, changes into Yin.
  12. Yang always focuses towards the center.  Yin always diffuses toward the periphery.

(Note: this version is from the back page of the “Order Of The Universe” magazine, Volume VI, Issue #51, published in 1979)

Introducing Macrobiotics: Avoiding The “Diet” Trap

March 9, 2012

(Note: This newly edited post was originally a Facebook note that I wrote on May 14, 2011 and then was published on the site here: )

Some introduce macrobiotics as a way of life and diet with specific food choices and by doing so fall into the trap of having to compare one diet versus another. They end up criticizing fast food, raw food, high protein diets, vegetarianism, veganism and compare it with macrobiotics. They may lament the fact that veganism, for example, seems to be more popular than “macrobiotics” and wonder why this is so.

I don’t do that. I avoid falling into that comparison trap by introducing macrobiotics in a different way.

I explain, as I did recently to a group of high school students, that macrobiotics is about understanding your relationship to food – to ALL food – whether it is eating organically grown brown rice or a fast food hamburger with fries and also looks at how all foods affect you. It also isn’t just about food but is about observing and trying to understanding your relationship with and how ALL things in life effect you from the forces of nature (the weather, the seasons, the climate and where you live, etc.) to your relationship with people – family, friends, society at large – to your dreams and ambitions and to everything else in this grand universe.

The choice of what to eat is individual. If people wish to eat pizza and hamburgers then that is their own choice. If they wish to eat high quality organic foods, then that is their choice as well. It only depends on what you want to do with your life and what difficulties or challenges you wish to face and whether or not you are willing to take full responsibility for the consequences of your choices.

In this way I do not impose my own personal value judgements and morals upon others nor do I criticize them for their values or morals. I completely respect their freedom to choose their own life and path.

As a macrobiotic teacher it is only my role to help guide those interested to observe and better understand their choices, to introduce new options and possibilities and to explore and examine the consequences of their choices. In this way my aim is not to offer solutions to problems but encourage others to find solutions on their own and in doing so find greater freedom to enjoy life fully and completely.

This way of introducing macrobiotics is intended to dispel the misunderstanding that it is a rigid and narrow diet as it has come to be known as. I believe that the source of this misunderstanding lies less upon on misinterpretations of an unknowing and blameless public but more on various macrobiotic proponents unable to accurately convey the dynamic nature of what macrobiotics is truly about. Having been born into and raised in the middle of the macrobiotic movement it comes natural to me to want to correct this misunderstanding whenever the opportunity presents itself.

For a more comprehensive description of what is “macrobiotics” go here:

I will be in Austin, Texas on February 23 & 24, 2012

February 17, 2012


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