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The History Of Macrobiotics (1715-2017)

September 23, 2017

History of MB Promotion

I am happy to announce that a new book, “The History Of Macrobiotics (1715-2017)”, by renowned authors, William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi, is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at their website here:

Message from Wiliam Shurtleff:

This PDF book is free – share it with anyone you wish, anywhere.

The title is: History of Macrobiotics (1715-2017)

Contains 345 photographs and illustrations; takes a long time to load! Any comments or errors you notice would be warmly welcomed. This is not a typical book that you read.
It is a reference book. The KEYS to using this book are to SEARCH IT using the powerful Adobe Acrobat and to read the Preface and Introduction.

For more free online PDF books, please visit our website:

You can print this book from our website. No printed and bound (hardcopy) edition of this book will be published; this is it!

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  1. Gale Jack permalink
    October 1, 2017 5:34 am

    After browsing through 300 or so pages of the History of Macrobiotics, I see how the teachings and development and distribution of macrobiotic foods began as a small stream with the efforts of a few dedicated, determined people that became a river, bringing these foods not only to co-ops and health food stores but to our local grocery markets. As Lily Kushi’s haiku of 1994 says, “Far better than gold, I’m bathed in showers of love, Richer than a king.” Eternally grateful, Gale (Beith) Jack

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