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Michio Kushi on Government and the Judgment of People

January 16, 2017


(Michio Kushi was a political science major who sought to create a world of lasting peace, happiness and freedom.  Early on in his studies he realized that world peace depends on people with sound body and mind. He, therefore, devoted the rest of his life to improving the health and consciousness of people through changes in diet and lifestyle known as Macrobiotics, never losing sight of his dream of creating One Peaceful World.  The following is an excerpt from a 1967 lecture by Michio Kushi as published in the “Order Of The Universe”, Volume 1, No. 6, November 1967)


Our present form of government is based on the will of the masses. Since most people are governed by sensory and sentimental judgment, our society has become weak, unable to provide for the deepest needs of man. It answers for the superficial levels of desire but judgment must go farther than this if it is to build a lasting culture.   Originally, its purposes was noble.  The founders of our nation wanted to escape dictatorship, to find freedom. Their solution has brought the opposite result — as must always be the case with understanding that does not transcend the lower, relative worlds and achieve supreme judgment. Life is ever like this.  If you try to protect yourself, you will decline and die in misery.  This is the Order of the Universe.  Gain fame and you will carry a heavy burden which will rob you of your freedom.  This paradoxical movement is the key to life and those who do not understand it will always be disappointed to find that their actions will bring them the opposite of what they had intended.

If we master this Order, we can become free in the paradoxical, relative world.  The greater the momentary joy, the greater the depression that must follow.  Unless we understand this we can not know where real freedom is.  People who never learn this always become more and more unhappy, accusing others for their misfortune, and they always lie. Their lies are the cause of their misery.

Lying is the common, universal form of sickness.  We lie because we want profit, advantage, protection from fear, comfort.  The living principle of modern society is nothing more than this — “how to tell lies.”  Modern education is supposed to give us health and happiness, but no one has these things.  Religions are supposed to open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven, but its ministers don’t even know what it is.  All are the opposite of what they appear to be.  Those who claim they can give the truth cannot.  Our food stores are lined with beautiful foods, promised to be the cleanest, most nutritious, ever available to man — most of which will, sooner or later, rob us of our health.  In our society an honest man is regarded as a fool, while the clever one who sells out is rewarded.  And while this is going on we are told that our country is the happiest, smartest, strongest, wisest that ever lived.  A quick look at divorce rates and the percentage of people that live in mental institutions is enough to convince us otherwise…

– Michio Kushi, 1967

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  1. Beth Ann Kessler permalink
    January 16, 2017 7:54 am

    Thank you. Your dad was wayyyyy ahead of his time. Brilliant!

    ~Beth Ann Kessler



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