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“Infinity’s Geometry” by Michio Kushi

January 9, 2017


The following is an excerpt from a 1967 lecture by Michio Kushi as published in the “Order Of The Universe” magazine, Volume 1, No. 5, October, 1967.

Infinity’s Geometry

What is the shortest distance between two points? The usual answer is automatic, immediate; a straight line. A little over half a century ago this answer began to be questioned, for it was realized that a straight line can exist only on a plane surface. What, it was argued, if space were curved? Many forms of geometry were devised, many conflicting theories arose, and the problem continues even today. What do you think?

Listen to our answer. We say that the Universe is constructed like a spiral. We do not live on a plane or a curved surface but in many complex dimensions. Each point is the center of a spiral which returns to infinity; each spiral, each point, is within infinity.

Once we understand this then the answer becomes simple. When two people try to understand each other, they do not take the quickest route, which we can express as a straight line drawn between the centers of two spirals. Understanding must go beyond this – – away from the most relative things, which we find at the center, and return to the common origin of both spirals, which is infinity. Judging a person by his education, clothes, thought, will not make for understanding; if we pick a mate by looks alone we are bound to be disappointed.

By remembering the spiralic construction of every individual, however, we will not be deceived by appearances. Everyone returns to infinity, is infinity; they are grain, vibrations, their origin is clearly indicated by the spiralic pattern of hair that marks each of us as a child of the Kingdom of Heaven.

For A to understand B he must return to infinity and come in on B’s spiral. Without this there is no understanding; with this journey, however, it is possible for us to know each other, because our origin is the same. In infinity we are one. With this judgment, which the highest in the universe, we can see another person as a totality, beyond relative understanding, and with this vision we can become free and happy.

The shortest distance between two points is infinity.

–  Michio Kushi,  October 1967, from “Order Of The Universe” magazine, Volume 1, No. 5.

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