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Expanding Pathways – an excerpt of Michio Kushi’s lecture from 1967

January 6, 2017
Michio lecturing in Boston in the early 1970s. Photo by Seth Levine

Michio lecturing in Boston in the early 1970s. Photo by Seth Levine


The following is an excerpt from “Order Of The Universe” magazine based on Michio’s lectures from 1967  (A link follows where you can read the full magazine):

For man there are two paths. As you know, we come from Infinity on our spirallic way. A person and B person are taking a completely different course. A person is still going toward the center of the spiral. B person has passed the center and is going toward infinity on an expanding pathway. For A person, in order to reach the center, the proper thing to do is to become heavier and heavier. So, he should eat more and more, and he should gather many materials – money, property, decorations, titles, authority, honors.  Then he becomes very heavy and very proud of his heavy weight. Then he can go down as quickly as possible. The other type of people have already passed the center. For them, somewhere in their memory, they remember having had those honors, or billions of dollars, or property, or authority, or power – and they feel those things are trifles, valueless because they have memory, they’ve been to the bottom. In other words, they have memory of having fully enjoyed material richness and emotional richness, some a very long time ago. And so they say, “Whatever I have, I have, and I don’t want to spend my life for money only, for material only, for titles only. Rather, I want to seek more for truth, for justice, for invisible things.” They have already turned their direction from the center, and they already can see ahead on their course, Infinity itself.
So, as you see, there are two kinds of people in this society. One person is running that way, and between them one says,”You are running the wrong way,” and the other says, “You are wrong because you are running that way.” Everyone’s direction is right. Even though one egocentrically and selfishly gaining, destroying other’s happiness, gaining only for himself and his own benefit – yet his course will change eventually, and he will be destroyed by the Order of the Universe – journey’s end, his adventure in this universe will end. Perhaps because he is overweight, or because of cancer, perhaps he will be destroyed by some envious competitor or so-called enemy. So, the Order of the Universe is very amusing and very wonderful.
If you know this whole Order of the Universe, then for you there is no enemy and no difficulties. Everything is your teacher…
Michio Kushi July 1967
Read the full “Order Of The Universe” magazine here:
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  1. Tom permalink
    January 6, 2017 11:16 am

    … and the spirit of no one never dies …. thank you Mr. Kushi for this reminisce

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