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New Book: Remembering Michio

September 17, 2015
Remembering Michio

“Remembering Michio” a new book published by the Kushi Institute

Now available and published by the Kushi Institute is this commemorative book, “Remembering Michio” with over 75 family, friends and students offering their fondest memories of Michio Kushi resulting in an unparalleled look and insight into the man who changed dietary history, our understanding of food, health and our relationship with our environment and the cosmos that only can be found through such a collection.

Towards the end of his life, I strongly suggested to my father that he write his own autobiography to avoid any future confusion about the details of his life and legacy but he refused to do so.  His own modesty would not allow himself to indulge in such a blatant form of self-promotion.  Instead he suggested to me to write my own version of his life from my own point of view and to let others also write theirs, if I or they so choose.  With this book, his prophetic wisdom proved correct and I can not imagine any better way to understand his influence and legacy than through the diverse and combined voices of those lives he so profoundly touched in so many different ways. Any biography by a single author could never include the broad range of diverse narratives offered in this collection.

For those who knew Michio well, this is a warm and emotional book that reads like one is sitting around a cozy fire with old friends reminiscing together about the unique and influential person that he was.  For those who never met Michio this book offers eye-witness accounts of an amazing and dedicated man whose knowledge, insight and abilities seem beyond belief and beyond the scope of any one man.

The book is available now for purchase through the Kushi Institute Store.  Proceeds will benefit the Kushi Institute tasked with the mission to preserve the legacy and forward the dream and vision of my parents toward creating One Peaceful World through macrobiotics.

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