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Home as Unconditional Love

February 14, 2014


What is “home”?

Home is where one gives and receives unconditional love and support.

By this definition how many are “homeless” today?  Whether they have a roof over their heads or live on the street how many have such a “home”?

Unconditional love can never be asked for but it can be given.  It can never be taken but it can be received. It does not mean surrendering to those who may abuse or oppress you.  It means to ceaselessly love from a place of integrity that is in keeping with a deep respect and gratitude for nature, life and each other.

It is a mother nursing her baby, a loving couple and happy children playing.  It is warm food on the table.  It is the compassionate and courageous acts of those willing to risk their own lives to save another.  It is the endless gifts we give each other without asking for anything in return.  It is that feeling that anything is possible.  It is having infinite patience, calm and peace in the midst of confusion and uncertainty. It is being fully attentive and listening to each other without prejudice.  It is taking care of one’s own health, that we may always be there for others. It is being forever humbled and grateful to each other, to nature and to this infinite universe for the gift that is our life.

You can make your home anywhere by loving unconditionally. So let us all make this place, this Earth and this Universe our home.

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  1. Kathi w permalink
    February 14, 2014 5:12 pm

    Wow, Phiya. . This is an AMAZING post. Thank you

  2. Ilaria permalink
    February 15, 2014 7:36 am

    I completely agree.
    It is to give or receive freely from what we feel inside without need to pretend something in return.
    A heavenly state of the spirit so hard to practice and find today.

  3. February 15, 2014 2:40 pm

    yes it really does have to start with me

  4. barblee permalink
    February 15, 2014 6:32 pm

    no one could dispute the eloquent way you speak of unconditional love. as an addition on the subject, I would interject that only a child needs unconditional love, the kind that loves and accepts the child not for what they do, or how they act but for themselves as they are, independent of his deeds. with this love a child feels secure and then can grow up. but adults do not need unconditional love, this is a childhood need, one that can never be fulfilled later in life. when we look for it as adults we are playing with illusion and are still children emotionally. to know this is to find a truth and then we may hope for other things like respect,trust,empathy, understanding. can we really love an adult unconditionally? should we try? can we do that? for whose sake? interesting questions for mature adults.

    • María M permalink
      March 7, 2014 5:12 pm

      First of all, thank you very much for making me think deeper about unconditional love sharing your thoughts and questions.

      Please, as an adult that learns everyday how important it is to love unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally, let me try to answer some of your questions but, of course, this is just my personal opinion about it, which is based in my own life experience.

      I have learnt that children many times are the biggest teachers about unconditional love, that many of us become adults forgetting about the importance and the relevance of it and when we are parents, our children bring to light all the beauty that was hidden in our heart sometimes for too long. Other times, other kind of life experiences soften our hearts and reveal to us how to get to the path of unconditional love.

      Unconditional love cannot be found outside of us, unconditional love lies within our own hearts, but when we forget about it, we deny its presence or its value in our life, we lose contact with it, our hearts harden and we prioritize other qualities or experiences over it, …Until we consciously feel moved by the concept and its presence in or around our world.

      I don´t want to convince anyone of the importance of loving unconditionally or if it deserves the try or not, but I want to share how important it is for me and why I choose everyday to mantain myself on the path of loving unconditionally.

      As human beings, one of our gifts it is that we are always growing up (we are complex beings, our development includes physical, mental and spiritual “bodies”) to think that when we are adults we stop growing up, to my way of thinking, it puts limits to us. I have learnt that when we are loved unconditionally, independently of our age, our growth is faster, broader and healthier.

      Qualities such as respect, trust, empathy, understanding are inside of the concept of loving unconditionally, but the subbtle fact here it is that I choose consciously to be respectful, trustful, empathetic, undertanding,…despite how others relate to me, this means that doesn´t matter how others behave towards me or the rest of the world, I choose not to judge them, I choose to love them unconditionally, … this is a tough affirmation to say and I know the weight of my words, but this is my choice, and I try everyday to get it, sometimes is easier than others, as a human being I have to deal with my own limits, but this is my conscious choice and I accept all the struggles that this decision takes.

      When I first came across unconditional love, I thought that was a difficult task. But it continue crossing my path until I thought that could deserve the try.

      The first obstacle that I had to overcome was to review my own being from the depths, I didn´t like all that I saw, specially what was related to forgiveness, I had some unsolved personal issues where I have to forgive and ask for forgiveness, I worked and still work hard, prayers, meditation, conscious thoughts, words and acts, living the now,… I see it now as an everyday task and I am grateful for the blessing of being able to go through it consciously every now.

      Later on, when it seemed that I had assimilated the importance of forgiveness and its place in my life, my senses were opened to the depth of respecting unconditionally, of being compassionate, the importance of humility, of being patient, of being empathetic, of trusting unconditionally, … and again I thought this deserves the try, but certainly I only can deal with this little by little, and since then I go forward little steps, sometimes it seems that I am not moving or even moving backwards but I keep striving to get my conscious choice of loving unconditionally.

      This is my experience, but everyone´s experience will be different and will take other paths, depending on their weaknesses and fortitudes.

      To be unconditionally, it is a personal choice, that entails a way of living, we want or we don´t want to make, What I know through my experience, it is that it doesn´t come easily but, for me, deserves the try.

      From Heart to Heart,

      María M

  5. María M permalink
    March 7, 2014 5:19 pm

    Thank you very much for sharing such a deep reminder.

  6. María M permalink
    March 8, 2014 2:58 pm

    Phiya, I came back today to enjoy the beauty of your post, you said so much in so little, only the one that has lived it can talk this way. I feel humble reading your words written directly from Heart,

    María M

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