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The Stones of Justice: a system of “Universal” Justice?

April 10, 2013

I have always wondered about what an ideal system of justice in a peaceful world might look like and what follows might come as close to anything as I have seen yet.

Stones of Justice

Stones of Justice (photo by Connor Eller)

Two friends of mine from the Ionia Macrobiotic Community in Alaska recently took an extensive trip throughout Ethiopia this year.  In an area where the Konso Tribe live they came across three standing stone.  A local native explained to them what these stones were for.

There was one stone each for men, women and children and when someone was accused of a crime, they were told to place their hand on the stone and express their own verdict. If they lied then nature, or the universe, would punish them somehow in the future. They might become sick or have an accident or they might even die or a family member or close friend might become ill or have an accident or tragedy. In this way, they do not separate out destiny, natural events and justice. It was all the same thing and they put their entire faith into it. There was no human punishment. Nature is the judge and the punisher. In this way, they live peacefully and happily and in accordance with and with complete faith in the laws of nature.

Something to consider…

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  1. María permalink
    April 14, 2013 3:29 am

    Nice to listen to you again, thank you very much for sharing this and to your friends for bringing it to Light for all of us.

    I would like to share something if you don´t mind, this is just my personal opinion, many of us know when something happen to us or our close ones ( I would include what happens in the world) that we are being tested always, …

    Someone in Peace will understand the right procedure taken by the Universe related to adjust the balance of all our doings, talks and thoughts in our lifetime , someone that lack that inner Peace will struggle to even accept the straight procedure taken by the Universe to keep us walking or taking us back to the straight Path, those struggles will provoke weaknesses and at last term sickness or accidents.

    We cannot lie to ourselves, we know what is in our hearts in every now, we don´t know about tomorrow, but we know what lies within our hearts in the now, being honest to ourselves means to be able to give a step forward to accept who we are and once this is done, if we recognize darkness in our Hearts and we accepted it, we can begin the process of transmutation that will be the entrance door to the Light. The door is called repentance, the key that opens the door Forgiveness and the strenght to open it will be our good doings, this way we will let open the door to Light in our Hearts and the dark spots will begin to dissapear.

    I do believe in Justice, because I am born in this world I accept, even when sometimes it is so hard to understand, the human Justice, but believing as the Ethiopians that there is a Highest way of Justice that at the end will do the balance ….

    We don´t see our backs, we just have 180º of vision, then even when want to be our best, we have a limited vision of the world, to accept this give me a deep feeling of humbleness because the other 180º that I cannot see, it is being protected without my 100 % physical senses, then I just choose to trust, I cannot control everything, but what it is in my hand to handle, I do try at least the best I can every now, the 180º it is in my hand I am fully responsible for it.

    • María permalink
      April 14, 2013 6:24 am

      For the other 180% I cannot see, I choose to be responsible too, but that is my choice, because my consciousness and the path I have chosen in life even not being fully awake takes me to that decision, I accept my weaknesses and other weaknesses as a part of the test I have to pass in this life time, but as I said, that is my choice.

      A few years ago, I had in my the 180º and a thought came to my mind. “You see what I cannot see and I see what you cannot see” two people touching backs will have a 360º vision. Just a thought.

      This post is highly inspiring, thanks again for it.

  2. April 15, 2013 5:00 pm

    Interesting concept. Problem is that this only works if you believe in it!

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