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“Seven Principles Of The Order Of The Universe” and “Twelve Theorems Of The Unifying Principle”

March 9, 2012

Published here for future reference are the tenets of the “Unifying Principle” , the philosophical basis of George Ohsawa’s  macrobiotics that were printed on the back page of every issue of the magazine “Order Of The Universe” and the Seminar Reports of my father, Michio Kushi, from 1966 through to the mid 1980s and can also be found in the “Book Of Macrobiotics” by Michio.


  1. All things are differentiations of One Infinity
  2. Everything Changes; nothing is stationary
  3. All antagonisms are complementary
  4. All phenomena are unique; there is nothing identical
  5. All phenomena have a front and back
  6. The greater the front, the greater the back
  7. All phenomena have a beginning and an end


  1. One infinity manifests itself into the two universal tendencies of Yin and Yang; complementary and antagonistic poles of endless change.
  2. Yin and Yang are arising continuously out of the ceaseless eternal movement of One Infinite Universe.
  3. Yin appears as centrifugalilty, Yang appears as centripetalilty.  The activities of Yin and Yang together create energy and all phenomena.
  4. Yin attracts Yang . Yang attracts Yin.
  5. Yin repels Yin.  Yang repels Yang.
  6. Yin and Yang combine in an infinite variety of proportion, creating an infinite variety of phenomena. The strength of attraction or repulsion always represents the degree of difference or similarity.
  7. All phenomena are relative and ephemeral, constantly changing their direction towards more Yin or more Yang.
  8. Nothing is solely Yin or absolutely Yang. Everything is created by both tendencies together.
  9. There is no neutrality;  either Yin or Yang is always dominating.
  10. Great Yin attracts small Yin.  Great Yang attracts small yang.
  11. Yin, at the extreme point, changes into Yang.  Yang, at the extreme point, changes into Yin.
  12. Yang always focuses towards the center.  Yin always diffuses toward the periphery.

(Note: this version is from the back page of the “Order Of The Universe” magazine, Volume VI, Issue #51, published in 1979)

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  1. María permalink
    July 23, 2012 6:38 pm


    Today, a book called “The Kybalion” was after many years knocking on my door again, when I opened the “door”, once again I was surprised by the message, and it brought to my mind some of the posts written here.

    You may want to take a look to the Seven Universal Laws written in there.

  2. Susanne permalink
    January 5, 2017 5:01 pm

    Thank you, Philadelphia. Your fathers work has had a profound influence on my life. I’m glad the 7 Principals and 12 Theorums are available on the web.


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