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Your future: What is it? Where is it? Who is the future you?

February 2, 2012

Barley fields in the Czech Republic
Fields of Grain: The Future you…

Your future is here and now and is there growing in fields of grain.  It is the vegetables in the gardens.  It is the sun, the soil and the rain.  It is the warm summer breezes and the cold winter storms. It is the moon and the stars that light up the night sky. That is you, your future you.

Factory Farmed Pigs: Is this your future?

You are what you eat and you will be what you are going to eat including the foods you will eat and the environments in which they grow. Do you wish to be the growing grain or do you wish to be factory farmed animal? Do you wish to be organic or be heavily laden with chemicals and toxins?  Do you wish to be wild, natural and free or mass-produced and genetically modified? You can and you do choose your future whether you realize it or not.  You choose it everyday by following and satisfying your appetite and hunger.

What is your past?

Your past is being created now every moment. Your past is your body, your thoughts and your mind.  Your past is your blood, your cells and your bones.  It is your emotions, your imagination and your dreams.  Your past is your art, your music and all your creations.  Regardless of whether they remain only as ideas or develop into finished products they are already past and are done and have a life of their own and there is not much you can do about them other than let them come out of you.

Your past is also your children and all your offspring.   Your past is what comes from you.  It is what you gave birth to and now has a life of its own.

The past can’t be changed by trying to change it itself. You can change the past by changing your future; by choosing a new you.  Change your future by choosing differently that which will become you. Choose a great future and you will have a great past.

But if you are not your past nor are you your future, then who are you?  You are not your blood, cells and bones and you are not your emotions, thoughts and dreams.  You are also not yet the grain in the fields, the vegetables in the gardens nor the sun, soil and wind.  Then who are you?  You are nothing but an empty void – a vacuum that seeks to be filled.  You are hunger; you are your appetite.  That is you.

And this you seeks to take in everything – to take in the entire universe. And when it has done so to its satisfaction then you are one with the universe and the old you will no longer exist.

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  1. lynnclare permalink
    February 5, 2012 11:58 am

    Alaska has been so good for you my friend and the nature calls me with your words. I agree. We share in dreams of the past failures and once again, chase the future as the dream that has not yet existed. We are existing from the moment we align with the sweet nectar of the environment in which we live. This, with hope, will be the shared level of simplicity- of nature, of our kitchen, our family, and our awakened heart in this day- May we all settle, may we all be gentle in this day, may we support one another as brothers and sisters to LIVE! So quickly- this moment aligns with the future and the past! Through this day- we can love- and love is the gift of nature in all its wonders! May we support the thoughts- with this wonder and LOVE!

    peace and best
    Mama Lynn

  2. Fred Pulver permalink
    February 5, 2012 7:27 pm

    ” I am the grass. I cover all” — Carl Sandburg

  3. María permalink
    April 30, 2012 2:14 pm


    Certainly, this post could be a poem, sounds like poetry and I understand it is your personal opinion.

    Understanding that we are creating our future in every now that becomes a past as soon as it is conceived and that at the same time we are creating a past in every now that is becoming a future, it is a good way of playing with this interesting parameter that it is the time as we know it.

    My personal opinion is the following:

    Our consciousness is not able to capture the magnitude of our unlimited essence, at least not in most of us, we have past, present and future but we are not past, present or future. We eat and the physical and emotional nature of the food we eat ,nurture us but we are not what we eat. We breath and that air nurture us, but we are not the air we breath. We touch, see, listen, taste, smell and all of it nurture us but we are not that. We speak, share, love, …..and that nurture us, but we are not that. We can experience physical, emotional, mental, spiritual actions, thoughts, feelings, but we are not that.

    We have a bit of all that in our being but we are beyond that.

    We are an entire Universe that one day was an empty void and maybe one day will be again.

    Thank you very much.

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