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“We all share the same vision and dream and that is ‘One Peaceful World’.” – Michio Kushi

February 11, 2011

Throughout human history, everyone, without exception and in their own way, be it through force, through the spread of ideas, through politics, religion, ethics, science, technology, economics, writing, art, music, by raising families or by living simply have shared the same vision and dream and that is to create one world of peace. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Romans, Napoleon, Hitler, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, the great philosophers, scientists, inventors, writers, artists, musicians, socialists, capitalists and so on have all done so in their own unique way and in their own sphere of influence.  These are the words that my father taught me.

Furthermore, without exception, all have failed to realize this dream. Why? Michio and his teacher, George Ohsawa, believed that they failed because they forgot and ignored the fundamental importance of food. Food is our source and origin and without addressing the importance of our daily food and what we eat and how it creates and changes us, which is “macrobiotics”, then real peace could never be established.

In other words, the macrobiotic movement is the first movement of it’s kind to address food.  It is the first biological revolution to establish one peaceful world. It is a peaceful movement without weapons and the use of force. It based on physical experience and biological change caused by changing what we eat everyday and not by imposing any ideas or concepts.

My father and George Ohsawa believed that by returning to a proper way of eating in harmony with natural order, in other words, a macrobiotic approach of living, then health, happiness and One Peaceful World would naturally and eventually follow.  Without the peaceful natural biological revolution known as the macrobiotic movement then One Peaceful World could never be established.

What do you think?

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  1. Ian permalink
    February 11, 2011 3:24 pm

    Yes, I agree with Ohsawa and Michio’s views. Today with our foods grown so often in damaged soils,and with the use of petrochemical fertilizers and pestcides it is all the more difficult to find quality food stuffs. Even “organic” foods have often been grown in soil that still retains depletions of it’s healthful composition from generations of previous misuse,mineral depletions etc.etc. With irrigating waters often containing polutants, and even the atmosphere contaminated the situation seems almost hopeless. The ‘key’ to the kingdom of radiant healt and the resultant world peace it would spawn is indeed Macrobiotics ; we each must make of ourselves the best example we can, and teach our children well, that in time nature may heal itself, and the myriad of life forms it supports. We must find patience, and consolation, in the fact that what LAW got us into this predicament can just as surely get us out!

  2. Riki Luri permalink
    February 11, 2011 6:55 pm

    I believe so. Food being what our life is made from, peaceful food makes peaceful people. We may all share the same vision and dream, but until we all share/partake in a health and happiness creating peaceful “macrobiotic way”/diet there will still be no real, total peace. The unhappy, unhealthy ones will still wage war on the peaceful, even if they don’t fight back it is not peace.

  3. Lynn Clare permalink
    February 11, 2011 11:01 pm

    The spiritual relationship between heaven and earth and the care of creation secures the connection of many traditions and the knowledge of an ancient knowing that people lived in connection to the earth did not have to be known, it was part of humanity and the way we lived on the earth. That was lost through humanity eating backwards and separating the relationships that were utmost- dear to the traditional peoples. We did once know this sweet grace. Grace of this knowledge, the intimate relationship of heaven and earth, must be taught together with the spiritual cornerstone of the macrobiotic understanding of food. Our ancestors and the connection to heaven and earth for humanity share this destiny-for the twenty-first century. Our children must be taught all layers of the gift of macrobiotics.

  4. February 12, 2011 3:11 pm

    Like any idealist, hoping for the Utopia of his dreams, and applying Macrobiotic logistics to the problem, it is fairly easy to see why we need it, and also we can see just how high the wall of resistance there is going to be, as we now see it clearly these days.
    Taking Michio at his word, Monsanto might just be the new Hitler that can cause this One Peaceful World. Just like Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan ( the great Genghis Khan say to those who stood before his Army, just said to them “Join us or die”) our army, lead by Generals from Monsanto could sweep across the world killing most and planting seeds for the survivors while destroying all that was natural and organic, so that in the end, all that wanted food, would have to beg Monsanto for it. It could become One Peaceful World that way, except for the few Macrobiotics hiding back in the hills, hoping they will last through the occupation forces of Monsanto, looking forward to the day they will be able to come back into the light and plant their seeds once again.
    Another way it could come about, as the pendulum swings to the other extreme is that when so many people become sick from all the industrial food we now eat, they finally become so sick of being sick that they all demand that we all return to nature and that Monsanto and the government must make amends for the damage they will have done to the people and the planet. Both of these ways could work to some degree, but it would be a Pyrrhic victory at best.
    The only way it should happen is through education and much sacrifice by all those who now produce all the so-called food, that we shouldn’t eat, by either changing over to the macrobiotic way of producing the food they now make or to stop producing it altogether.
    Going after the companies that we don’t like, like Monsanto, as zealots and angry activists, is not the macrobiotic way of changing the world. The Macrobiotic way is like the Taoist way, through slowing down the pendulum’s swing so that we all avoid the extremes of Yin or Yang that are both violent, and bring the swing to gently moving near the center, where you have a small yin and a small yang. This is what peace really is. You don’t have to give up anything, you just don’t go to extremes. Just how we do this is our challenge and our duty to our fellow man, is it not so?

  5. Emiliano permalink
    March 18, 2011 2:14 pm

    I believe the macrobiotic way of life, can not be reduced to a simple way to eat healthy things. I think macrobiotics is to follow the natural order of things, and this is prior to our way of eating. The macrobiotic way of eating is a small reflection of light from a far deeper awareness of what we might call “the macrobiotic way of life”which could be also called in many other ways and names.

  6. billklar permalink
    May 10, 2011 3:53 pm

    I just finished attending the Kushi Inst completing level 3 soon to start level 4. Being a cancer survivor for 6 years with stage 4 prostate cancer eating the food while I was at the Kushi Inst I went threw an amazing detox of of my system all kinds of strange things came out of me as well as smells. I was sick mot of the time I was there but each one only lasting a short time. After leaving I saw my councilor and he was happy about me loosing over 20 pounds and he believed that the cancer was leaving I am off the drug I was one and still eat a maco diet quite honestly if I eat something else I fell sick I have read that this is a good thing. I am very thankful for going and especially great-full for saying thank you to Aveline at her grave. I now will do my best to help others .
    Thank you
    Bill Klar

  7. María permalink
    April 27, 2012 2:10 pm


    Very interesting article and comments, ….One Peaceful World, we live in a world of duality, Peace is a word and a concept that brings within an opposite, then if Peace is one of the sides, the other will appear sooner or later, the strength we use to get Peace is used by others to achieve its opposite, but I will let this on a side, because I do believe that One Peaceful World is a reality that can be achieved, because the Peace that they talk about goes beyond the space and time we know consciously.

    I agree with the last phrases of Alan L Keen, while we move closer to the center, we will enter that state of inner(I would add) Peace, that is our duty, but we may want to experience a bit more of swing and that will take us to new states of being.

    We are alive and one of the gifts of being alive is our right to experience and not everybody manifest themselves the same, thanks to that the possibilities of improving are incredible, we can see it in a simple situation, just the way we relate to others, with some people is so easy to be and with others it is not so easy, … acknowledging that we cannot literally see ourselves and that we see ourselves through others, we can take the responsibility that all that we can do it is to try to strive for excellence as much as we can, I mean, we should polish all our being and our tiny grain of sand being conscious of this and acting in consequence will push the others to move too. If we are the most little cell of a big body, we need to do our work the best to help the big body to get its goal, being the goal to achieve Peace, there we go.

    Then the process to get One Peaceful World begin for ourselves, our core, then the closest ones, our family and friends and extend to the rest of the world, worlds and …Universe. If we achieve this tiny goal, the world will become at the begining One and with time Peaceful, this way the worlds and the Universe.

    I don´t think that none of the people you mentioned have failed on making One Peaceful World, they have achieved great results, they have brought to consciousness different ways of getting it, different seeds that at the end had sprout as the same tree with fruits of Love, Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, Simple, straight Life,…..all of them in their own way has mantained Hope alive in the rest of us, that we can shape that One Peaceful World, even if it is just in our own field of action.

    Thank you for asking and listening.

  8. September 25, 2014 9:30 pm

    “In my experience Macrobiotics with all it’s intricate and fascinating possibilities is a Great Art…‪#‎theartofliving‬ with a sense of freedom, a kind heart, vitality, generosity of spirit and respect for the constant interplay of the finite and infinite that is surrounding and within us all the time” WD

    ” yes food we consume and yes also way beyond the food we consume into all those realms that nourish the complete whole human” WD

    ” The philosophy is great and most of what has been shared by our teachers is worthy of our respect; and yet the overall collective application is in my studied opinion barely in its preadolescent stage [think not yet fully developed frontal lobe] resulting from the overwhelming influence and irresistible tendency of the experienced and inexperienced … to apply the principles and day-to-day details (far to often) in a dualistic way. This tendency is exasperated further by the problematic preoccupation with consuming or constantly taking in the best without at least an equal desire, will, need or deep understanding that generates a putting out or giving the best.” WD

    IT IS a salutation, A greeting, a kind wish, a hope, a heartfelt outreach or even a prayer for you and with you… That you may be inspired to BE one with your true nature; living moment to moment your great life potential.” WD

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