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Kidney Cancer and High Adrenalin Work: Is there a correlation?

May 19, 2010

I was listening to Bob Mikell’s story of recovery from Stage 4 Kidney Cancer (See: ).  While sharing his remarkable story Bob, a former Narcotics Police Office, mentioned how his replacement, the person whom he trained to take over his job, later also developed the same cancer! This, to me, was extremely bizarre and worth noting!  Here are two individuals with completely different backgrounds and family situations who both developed the same type of cancer by doing the same type work! I asked Bob about this bizarre coincidence and he could only guess that it was due to working crazy hours, not eating regularly and, more significantly, a constant rush of adrenalin as the result of being in high risk situations all the time.

It would be interesting to explore this further.  Do all Narcotics Officers develop some sort of Kidney problem? Are all high-adrenalin workers at risk?  How much does our work impact our health?  Does it completely override our physical constitution given at birth or are all the same people attracted to the same type of work?  The questions are many.

Without a supportive environment for macrobiotic healing, his replacement, unfortunately, passed away even though exposed to macrobiotics while, on the other hand, Bob was able to overcome his cancer.  Once again, by changing the circumstances and situations of his life, Bob was able to completely change his life.  He undid whatever the effects of working as Narcotics Officer had on his life where his friend was not quite as successful.

Life is fascinating…

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  1. May 20, 2010 8:35 am

    I also know a man who healed from advanced kidney cancer through laughter therapy. The cooincidence was that someone in his office had also had kidney cancer, conventional treatment, and died. He opted out of the treatment and is cancer-free today. He lives up the street from me if you want nme to get his contact info., let me know.

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