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Day 14 – Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 13, 2009

Several people who read my post about my sister Lily sent me kinds words and shared their thoughts about her.  I was very appreciative of that and hopeful that through my writing they too could, perhaps, bring whatever closure they may have needed with her passing.

I spent the day exploring Google Wave and People String.  Since I got my PeopleString code from the PostCard they sent me I was able to review 10 websites and get paid a total of $2.60 for doing so.  All in all it took only about a minute to earn the $2.60.  If I did that for one whole hour it would come out to about $156 per hour.  Not bad for doing very easy mundane work.

In the evening I went to my weekly meeting.  Once again – very inspirational.

I am drinking quite a lot of black coffee these days.

Throughout the day, I continued to reflect on my life and had all kinds of mixed thoughts and emotions.  On top of it I felt quite alone and lonely and depressed.  I can’t help feeling that there is more that I must share and get off my chest just to feel normal again.  It’s that compelling feeling of needing to write.  Posting is helping but there is more to come.

I am grateful to my friends on Facebook for keeping me company.  One particular friend has been very supportive.  I am grateful and appreciate our deep bond of friendship.

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