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Day 12 – Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 11, 2009
20091110 - payment - 001

Paypal page


When I woke and checked the computer I discovered that I had received my first payment from   It was $40.03 and was sent to my Paypal account (see above photo).  The wonderful thing is that I really didn’t do anything other than post my PeopleString status in my photos on Facebook with captured screen shots like the one below on a daily basis.

20091109 - Day 022

If you haven’t checked it out yet, then let me share with you couple things about it.  The idea behind PeopleString is simple.  The major online sites (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.) are making all their money through advertisers.  This not only allows them to keep all their services for free to all of us, but also reaps them huge profits (provided we all continue to use their services in the millions so that advertisers would be interested).  Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a new free website that can offer something different than what we already have.  Well, it didn’t take someone very long to figure out how to compete with these mega sites. Instead offering services for free why not let users share in the advertising revenue?  That is the simple idea behind PeopleString.

By paying users a portion of their advertising revenue PeopleString is creating a new business model for the Internet.  It is creating a portal where advertisers are guaranteed readership and visibility and where users are being paid by those advertisers via PeopleString to read those ads.   The idea is incredibly simple and if it works well, and there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t,  then it may shake up the online world. (Now if only they had software engineers like Google – or if Google decided to pay their users…).

Otherwise, I spent most of the day writing my blog entry about my sister, Lily which I finally posted in the afternoon.  I am happy the way it came out.  There are other articles I feel compelled to write and I hope to get to them out soon.

On a side note, I reached my goal of obtaining level 37 in the game, “Farmville” , on Facebook.  37 is the highest level needed to access all the “seeds”. The game has been a helpful diversion in the healing process of my life.  It has helped to rekindle certain ambitions and to resurrect my creative talents.


M.C. Escher type "always ascending ( or descending )" staircase in Farmville

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