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Day 6 – November 4, 2009

November 5, 2009

IMG_2622Today was a beautiful fall day in the Berkshires.  In the morning there was not a single cloud in the bright blue sky.  While driving over to New York State with a friend to help another friend clean up some leaves we caught a glimpse of the full moon against the blue morning sky.  It was setting in the West while the sun was rising in the East.  It was one of those timely views when I wish I had a powerful telephoto lens camera with me.  My trusty iPhone camera simply would not do it justice.  Anyway, it was a perfect day to be outdoors which is exactly what I did.  While driving we passed a field of wind power generators yet to be put together (photo above). The blades were enormous!

Later in the day I cooked dinner for two friends at my place.  The dinner consisted of:

1.  Brown rice

2. Seitan and tofu sauteed with fresh shiitake mushrooms, bok choy and garlic

3. Wakame cooked with onion, carrot and daikon.

4. Steamed Kale

5. Chinese Napa Cabbage quickly pickled with ume paste

6. Mochi: pan fried, dipped in shoyu and wrapped in nori

I would have made some soup if I had more time.  My guests seemed to enjoy the food!  I might do this more often!

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