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6 Easy Steps To Grow Deadly Viruses On A Factory Farm (From Their Perspective)

May 6, 2009

factory_farm_1For us deadly viruses and bacteria this is the fastest way that you help to create us and make us flourish!:

STEP 1:  Maximize space usage

Maximize space usage by crowding livestock as much as possible.  By putting them so close together it makes it so easy for us.   It’s like a huge cake. It’s “Party-Time”!

STEP 2:  Use plenty Of antibiotics to eliminate all the competition.

Eliminate our competition with these killers.  It wipes out our natural deterrents and predators.  It destroys the natural immunity in the livestock. We love it.  You do so much for us. It’s like paving a superhighway to the most desirable resort in the world for us.

STEP 3:  Add synthetic hormones and other enhancements

Adding these turns a great location into a 5-star mega luxury resort with all the amenities one could ever want.  It makes the livestock bigger and weaker that they become such easy and wonderful targets for us.

STEP 4:  Make conditions completely unsanitary for the livestock

Feed livestock unnatural foods, let them wallow in their feces and carcasses of their fellow rotting dead brethren. Make them all really sick and it’s heaven for us!

STEP 5:  Hire and exploit workers and provide them without any safety measures

Hire and exploit workers that don’t know any better and keep the conditions wonderfully unsanitary and unhealthy. It guarantees a home for us to thrive in and a way for us to spread!

STEP 6:  Stay focused on profits

Lastly, stay focused on the profits and do everything you can to keep things the way they are and we love you!

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