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The Two Basic Goals/Purposes Of Macrobiotic Cooking

April 27, 2009

This post is to answer the simple question/quiz that I asked on Facebook (look up “Phiya Kushi” on Facebook) which was this:

There are two very basic goals/purposes of macrobiotic cooking: What are they?

Here is the answer!:

1.  The first goal:

To make food edible; fit for human consumption.

(Some answered “to make it more digestible” which is basically the same thing.  They are correct.)

Many foods, if eaten raw or in excess can be toxic and deadly.  Food preparation can change this through the use of a variety of cooking methods and by combining different foods.  Some call this “balancing”.  As a  result, such foods naturally become more delicious, more appetizing and more satisfying.  For example, miso soup served with fresh raw scallions or green onions or some other yin factor is much more balanced than when served without.  Likewise, fish served without lemon or grated daikon becomes difficult to digest.  These are just two of many examples which demonstrate the importance of adding balance, not because it is aesthetically pleasing or more tasty or more harmonious with nature or because it may create more peace but instead because it actually aids in making the foods more edible and fit for human consumption! That is the primary and most fundamental goal.

2.  The second goal:

To achieve your  dream; whatever it may be!

(Some answered “to do what you wantor “to live your full potential” which is also correct and more or less the same thing.)

Your dream maybe small or it may be big.  It might be to get healthy or it may be to be more physically fit and climb mountains and win gold medals.  Your dream may be to become famous and rich or it maybe to have a happy family with many children.  Maybe you wish to be materially successful or maybe to be more spiritual. Maybe you wish to be a great leader or you wish for world peace.  Whatever is it, it is through our food choices and preparation methods that we achieve this or not.  Almost all of our dreams require us to be healthy and strong and to do this, we need to eat simple food in accordance with our condition and our environment, but most of all, to realize our dreams.  This is the ultimate goal and purpose of macrobiotic cooking.

That’s it!  Thanks to all who played this game!  You deserve much credit for trying and playing  along regardless of whether you came close to these answers or not!

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  1. María permalink
    May 18, 2012 8:58 am


    The alchemy has one of its biggest expressions in this world when someone cooks, specially if it is done with huge quantities of love and consciousness.

    If we understand that everything is energy, how do you think that the cells of your food will react when you put them on steam, or slow cooking, or with strong fire and oil, or inside of an oven, or cooked with gas instead of electricity, or….? All that information that those cells are receiving will be in you when you eat them, do you feel calm after eating or excited? do you feel satisfied or exhaust? We have all the answers so close to our hands,….. but we are the ones that command in our life and it is our choice to wake up, stay half slept or keep sleeping.

    There is something I would like to mention here, sometimes in life when we feel lost a way to begin to have control over our being, it is improving the quality of our blood, taking fresh, natural, alive, full of colours and simple food cooked in different ways to get a balanced mixture of different kinds of energy, that will shake your being from your roots to your leaves and will refresh the quality of the blood that nurture your brain and all your being, this will attract hope and this hope will guide you towards a more positive vision of whatever is going on in your life at that moment, and a “second” later you will discover yourself being conscious of your breathing, wanting to walk and do exercise and a few “seconds” later when the sun is rising or leaving, you will feel the strong urge to say:”Thank you” and being silent for a little while.

    Thank you very much for this inspiring article.

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