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Life Belongs To God, Not Monsanto

April 7, 2009

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I am not a religious person.  But I do believe that some things should be held as sacred.  You may not agree and I can accept and respect you for that.

To me, life is sacred and by that I mean it should not be owned by anyone.  Farms and farmers are also sacred.  They are the caretakers of  our food,  the environment and our lives.  Yet for our society and our government to have allowed for the patenting and ownership of bio-engineered life is a step that has crossed over an ethical and moral boundary into these areas that I hold as sacred.  This was done nearly 20 years ago. It is one thing and questionable to experiment and manipulate the genes of plant and animal species, but it is entirely another thing to then claim that you own it.  It is the equivalent of someone altering your son or daughter and then claiming that they and their offspring now belong to them and for you to raise your own children and grand children you must pay them a fee.

Here in the U.S. we fought for our individual freedoms and we fought to eliminate the ownerhip of slaves.  The ownerhip and patenting of life is, in my opinion, unconstitutional.  It is also against our core religious, ethical and moral beliefs and values.  It is against the very freedoms that we have been willing to fight for.  I invite everyone to stand up and do everything they can to restore these values by outlawing the ownership and patenting of life.

At this time on the internet there are many who are wary of the passing of several food safety bills through congress such as HR 875 because of alleged connections with Monsanto.  I appreciate the concerns of these citizens yet I would like to point out that these bills (which may have nothing to do with Monsanto) pale in comparison to the laws that allowed for the ownership and patenting of biotechnology.  In my opinion, plant and animal life belong to God and to the farms and farmers who are charged with caring for them. It should not belong to Monsanto nor any other biotech company.  I hope you agree with me and will join me  and others who share these values in working together to restore the sacredness of life.  Thank you.

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