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This Blog Is Being Updated And Is Moving.

October 24, 2022

I am moving and updating my blog. A formal announcement and link to the new blog will be forthcoming.

Notice to resubscribe to my new blog at

November 27, 2022

Greetings Friends,

You are receiving/reading this post/email because you subscribed to my blog here on WordPress. However, I have dcided to move my blog to a new platform called, “Substack” and if you wish to continue receive email updates of my posts and articles then you will have to re-subscribe to the new newsletter on

My new newsletter blog has a new name and it is “Tears Of Gratitude”. I chose this name because it reflects and expresses the exact sentiment that inspires me to share all aspect of my life with you. There you will find all the WordPress posts I have made before including those on the topic of Macrobiotics and COVID-19.

To resubscribe simply click this link here:

In addition to my regular blog newsletter, I have created a new site called, “The Teachings Of Michio Kushi”, This new site will hold all the materials I have concerning my parents teachings including audio and video lecture recordings plus every issue of the Order Of The Universe Magazine, Seminars Reports, Study Guides and other publications in my possession. To subscribe to this new site go here:

If you’re uncertain about resubscribing let me offer you a preview of some the things I will be sharing on my new substack newsletters to help you decide. Some of things coming relatively soon include:

  1. The De Langre Tapes – These are four audio recordings of original lectures done by George Ohsawa, Michio Kushi, Jacques De Langre and Lou Oles. The recordings were done by Jacques De Langre in the 1960s. I am currently processing the lecture done by George Ohsawa including preparing a full transcript for video presentation. Subscribers will be alerted when fthese become available.
  2. Essay on “Why Macrobiotic Leaders Die Of Cancer – According To Macrobiotics” – I am currently writing an essay on why several macrobiotic leaders, including my parents, developed and died from cancer according to macrobiotics. It is a deeply reflective article that promises to shed light on practical aspects of macrobiotics ignored by these individuals that you can easily embrace to avoid a similar fate.
  3. “The Rise And Fall Of Kushi Macrobiotics” – I am writing the full story, from my own insider’s perspective, of the successes and failures of Kushi Macrobiotics including the behind the scenes decisions that led both to it’s rise and fall. Subscribers will learn more about the details of this story and when it will be released.
  4. “Study Macrobiotics With Phiya” – I will be offering the full extent of my knowledge of macrobiotics through videos, online classes and structured guided lessons. Announcements will be made to those who subscribe to my new blog.

Thank you for subscribing to my WordPress blog. I look forward to seeing you at my new substack blog, “Tears Of Gratitude”!

Phiya Kushi
November 27, 2022