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Heal The Future, Not Just The Past

June 5, 2011

We live in a four dimensional world with the fourth dimension being time, which means that the past, present and future co-exists at the same time here and now. When we look up at the stars at night the light we see from them is from the distant past. Some of the stars that we see are older than the earth and some of them no longer exist except for the remaining light that we see of them that has traveled light years across the universe to reach us.

The past, present and future can also be seen here on earth and right in front of us. For example, your body is your past, your actions are the present and your dreams are the future. If you wish to heal yourself or someone else, then you must change the future, not the past. You must address and change your dreams not just your body.

Medicine and most healing modalities deals only with the body, which is always in the past, and so can never heal a person. To fully heal a person one must change a person’s future, in other words, you must inspire them to have new dreams for which they will be more than happy to pursue and manifest in the present by taking action everyday and every moment of their lives. Their bodies will then become the result of their actions and their dreams.

To inspire new dreams in people you must introduce new possibilities and visions in which they can imagine themselves participating in. The vision and possibility must be attainable. It must be real enough that people can see for themselves, what actions they must take to realize it; that they can bridge and connect the future with the present.

The future vision and dream must be positive. It does not work to paint a negative and dark world. People who always criticize, complain and judge without painting a positive alternative future can never heal others. No one ever willingly chooses and dreams to live in a world that is dark, negative and destructive. If they do then it is only because they cannot imagine and envision something different and positive for themselves.

Therefore, to heal our world, we must dream of a bright future that we can all collectively work towards. If we can not imagine and dream of such a future then we will always create an unhealthy world. So let us change our future by dreaming of a bright and positive world that benefits everyone and everything; one that we can take action and strive for everyday starting today and right now.

Marlowe Spade And The Thought Assassins – (Satire Fiction – Draft Only – Part 1)

May 25, 2011

File under: Satire, Fiction – Marlowe Spade, “Food Detective” of the future, uncovers the sinister world of  Thought Assassins.

The year: sometime in the not too distant future.  The place: one of those urban wastelands that once promised to be an eco-converted haven but grossly underestimated the compounding amount of non-biodegradable waste that we humans love to throw away.

It happened when I was thwarted by the heart attack case I was investigating while on the force and lost my job over. Yeah, I used to be one of them, those flat-footed civil servants – always at the mercy of the political ambitions of whoever was Mayor at the time. They didn’t like what I was digging up so they fired me – the only qualified food detective around who could investigate murder by food.

Well, I was investigating this heart attack case, an OD on cholesterol, when the suits wanted nothing but to bury it and I refused.  There was something that stunk about the whole thing and, well you can  blame it on my principles, but I wouldn’t let it go and it cost me.  It cost my job. The City (with a capital “C”) didn’t want to have to deal with the possibility that murder could be committed by simply serving an egg or a  hamburger.  Given the number of heart attacks still going on in the City and the implications of potentially having investigate all of them and what it might cost was way too much for them and their petty political agendas so they closed the case and I got the sack.

I was too good at my job and they knew it and so they gave me a handsome severance – a payoff, more like it! I didn’t complain yet it was my damn conscious that wouldn’t quit. Beyond the stupid politics there was something wrong about that case that bothered me.  I couldn’t just let it go and so as soon as I could I put my “feelers” out and, thanks to the severance, set-up my private agency: “Marlowe Spade, Private Food Detective” – which happens to be, not coincidentally, the very first and only one of it’s kind. Marlowe Spade – Private Food Dick, yep, that’s me.

That’s when it happened.  One of my “feelers” – Jimmy, the orphan – a good kid – came back to me with a hand written 500 page manuscript.  I’ve been up all night reading it.   I’ve never seen anything like it. First of all, no one writes anything by hand in this day and age. But it wasn’t the hand writing that fascinated me. It was the title and subject matter that got me:  “The Thought Assassins Field Manual and Guide.” It was a guide explaining how to assassinate someone by thought alone! And I thought I was ahead of the game when I predicted murder by food years ago but this was something that took even me by surprise! Yet there it was on paper in black and white. It not only covered advanced techniques and optimum conditions for remote thought execution, like the best weather and geographic situations but it also went on to describe how it all began.

Apparently, it all began ages ago with some guy named Norman Vincent Peale and a book he wrote called, “The Power Of Positive Thinking”.  Then came another book by a woman, “Louise Hay”, called, “You Can Heal Your Life!” where she began to connect thoughts with health problems and specific biological issues.  From there it was not much of a stretch to take the leap of exploring the effects of negative thinking on a person’s body and the guy who did that is mysteriously listed in the book as Mr. “X”.  Mr. X was the one who was credited with discovering the possibility of actually killing someone by thought alone.  Apparently he was an anonymous supporter of the Latter Day Temple and Order of Positive Thought And Prayer while secretly conducting his negative thought experiments.  I always regarded the followers of the Temple Of Positive Thought to be well-meaning harmless religious kooks but, boy was I wrong! I am guessing that this mysterious Mr. X was the one who wrote this Guide and that he may still be alive. Or maybe not, but regardless I was going to find out.

To be continued…

The Dharma of Completion

March 26, 2011


My mother's grave in Becket, MA

Imagine living life and talking to people as if it is the last time you would ever see them again. How would you behave and what would you say to them?

When I first started working as the Executive Director of the Kushi Institute I quickly realized that not only did nearly everyone come there to learn macrobiotics because they were facing some life-threatening illness but also that many would not succeed in reversing their conditions and would soon no longer be alive. Such a reality emotionally tore me up inside and in looking for ways to cope with it I developed a personal practice and way of being that I call the “Dharma of Completion”.

I define the Dharma of Completion as the practice of striving to live and breathe every moment of life as if it were the last; as if it were the last time that I would be experiencing the present moment and the last time that I would be meeting someone and be talking to them. Very often it would actually be true as I would learn later of the passing of one former Kushi Institute participant or another.

I am not always successful in my personal practice of the Dharma of Completion but in reminding myself of it, it always brings me back to a sense of profound peace. Anything that is incomplete in my life becomes glaringly obvious and something that I must resolve as soon as possible. When I do remember to practice the Dharma of Completion then it gives me a tremendous sense of freedom and self-satisfaction knowing that I have spoken to and given everything I have within me to last person I met.

You are more than welcome to try it, if you wish. Let me know what you think.

Akira Kurosawa’s 1990 film “Dreams” foretells of Nuclear Plant Disaster

March 23, 2011




A dream sequence in the 1990 film “Dreams” by legendary filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa, uncannily predicts a natural disaster followed by a nuclear power plant disaster.  What is incredible is that Kurosawa’s film describes a nuclear facility with six reactors where the reactors explode one after the other.  The Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant had six reactors when it was struck by a tsunami caused by an earthquake on March 11, 2011. Watch the clip of the segment below entitled “Mount Fuji in Red” on YouTube:





Medicine as child’s play? Redefining what it means to be an adult…

March 3, 2011

A thought occurred to me this morning that, ideally speaking and in a perfect world, once someone has turned, say, 18-21 in age then they really should know how to manage their own health. Until then they may need the help of their parents or other experienced person or guide.  What that implies then is that all of symptomatic medicine; its applications and its affairs is the realm of children and juveniles. It is child’s play and those who continue to require it have somehow remained emotionally and psychologically tethered to their youth and/or adolescence. They have not yet fully grown up ( perhaps with the help of too much dairy and sugar consumption?). Being an adult could then be defined as no longer having any need for medicine and being able to take care of not only one’s own health but also the health of others.

What do you think?

“We all share the same vision and dream and that is ‘One Peaceful World’.” – Michio Kushi

February 11, 2011

Throughout human history, everyone, without exception and in their own way, be it through force, through the spread of ideas, through politics, religion, ethics, science, technology, economics, writing, art, music, by raising families or by living simply have shared the same vision and dream and that is to create one world of peace. Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Romans, Napoleon, Hitler, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, the great philosophers, scientists, inventors, writers, artists, musicians, socialists, capitalists and so on have all done so in their own unique way and in their own sphere of influence.  These are the words that my father taught me.

Furthermore, without exception, all have failed to realize this dream. Why? Michio and his teacher, George Ohsawa, believed that they failed because they forgot and ignored the fundamental importance of food. Food is our source and origin and without addressing the importance of our daily food and what we eat and how it creates and changes us, which is “macrobiotics”, then real peace could never be established.

In other words, the macrobiotic movement is the first movement of it’s kind to address food.  It is the first biological revolution to establish one peaceful world. It is a peaceful movement without weapons and the use of force. It based on physical experience and biological change caused by changing what we eat everyday and not by imposing any ideas or concepts.

My father and George Ohsawa believed that by returning to a proper way of eating in harmony with natural order, in other words, a macrobiotic approach of living, then health, happiness and One Peaceful World would naturally and eventually follow.  Without the peaceful natural biological revolution known as the macrobiotic movement then One Peaceful World could never be established.

What do you think?

Potentially Postitive Uses of GMOs

February 4, 2011


Rice with human genes! Another horribly stupid idea from the biotech world. (Click the image to read the article)

In the past (see my previous post here) I have been decidedly an adamant critic of Genetic Engineering and GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  In this post I am going to do something completely different and share with you some  potential positive uses that I see for this new technology.

First of all, I would like say that I am all for scientific and technological discovery and advancements.  I do think, however, that technology and advancements should be monitored and scrutinized carefully and even banned, if necessary, especially when they have the potential to be comprehensively destructive, like nuclear weapons. While I am not completely against research into genetic engineering I do believe that it should be carefully monitored (and possibly banned) because it does have the potential to create irreversible damage on the planet and even cause our own extinction.  In this sense, having corporations pursue genetic engineering is very much like having them take care of all of our nuclear weapons – not a very comforting idea and yet this is what is going on now.

However, for all the negative aspects of Genetic Engineering there are potentially positive ones and the only reason for this uncertainty is because we really do not know what the impact of  new GM species will be on the global ecosystem.  The only thing we do know is that it will be irreversible.  At this time, GM corn and soy crops have been in the food chain for a number of years without any significant impact, but it may takes many more years before any significant change could occur and many more years on top of that before we actually find out of indeed if the GM crop was suspect.

If we are to look at the whole issue objectively and from a much larger macrobiotic perspective then it could be said that GE manipulation is an evolutionary leap in humanity’s ongoing efforts to domesticate and control it’s own food that began when we switched from being foragers to farmers.  When that switch happened it allowed for us to build massive civilizations that now span the entire globe and even into the reaches of outer space. If we continue to tamper with our food supply then we will not only surely create a host of new diseases but we may also find ourselves evolving into a newer species. In other words, in time, it could very well be the end of the human species and race as we know it either by extinction or by evolutionary development.  However, that won’t happen for awhile and in the meantime many more GE organisms will be unleashed, for better or worse on the planet and, at this point, there is simply not enough evidence to say which way things will go.

The real issue concerning GE is not whether or not it is dangerous to humanity and other living things but whether or not such a technology should be in the hands of corporations who have no concern for the public beyond making a profit for their shareholders. The only reason why corporations have any interest in GE is because of the ruling that allowed for the patenting of GE life forms.  If that were removed then there would be no incentive for corporations to use GE for anything.  Repealing these rulings is where the Anti GMO movement should focus their efforts.  This is the direction that protesters in Europe are focusing their efforts (see: ) and people in North America should do the same.

On the other hand, Monsanto has made some pretty stupid mistakes in rolling out it’s line of GM seeds.  Their first efforts have been to produce “Round-Up Ready” GM seeds and crops designed to promote the use of their toxic product.  Had they been smart they should have started by introducing seeds that lower the need for additional pollutants on the soil.  Furthermore, they could have sought to introduce seeds for crops that are not food such as cotton.  By taking this approach they could have avoided or at least lessened the backlash from the organic industry.Instead they chose basic food crops with GM seeds designed to increase agricultural chemical use.  This naturally caused an outrage from the start and has cost Monsanto, no doubt, millions.

GM products could be developed for any number of non food uses that could have been possibly more acceptable to the organic industry.  For example: long-fiber organic cotton plants grown in various colors such as blue (for blue jeans) and others.  This could eliminate the need for the highly toxic process of dying white cotton while making everything permanently color-fast.

When it comes to food, there could be a future use for GM crops.  As I mentioned before, the evolutionary development of humans controlling their food has allowed us to live on every continent in the world. GM research could focus on developing  more edible plants that could survive in hostile conditions on earth. And if we plan to colonize the Moon or another planet then GM research could come in handy to discover what types of food and crops could grow there. The possibilities are endless and the manipulation of our food on a genetic level could be as big an evolutionary leap as it was when we went from foragers to farmers.

But such a potential also comes with an equal amount of danger. If unchecked we could wipe ourselves out of existence and it is for this reason that I stand with and among the Organic Industry and all others who wish to stop Monsanto and all other Biotech firms from tampering with our food.  To succeed, all we really need to do is to lobby for repealing the ruling that allowed for the patenting of life forms.







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